Eat Right, Burn Calories, Burn Fat, Build Confidence, Transform your Body!

The best YOU starts with food, movement and a healthy lifestyle. Our EXPERT Fitness and Nutrition Coaches are here to help you along the journey.

Fad diets and fitness crazes come and go. Eventually the fads fade and crazes are no longer popular. That is when people want something proven to guarantee their success…

Tired of the yo-yo diets and fads that never get you results?

It’s time to try something new. Something easy to implement. Something sustainable. Get personal support from real people.

Countless people waste time on fad diets, restricting calories, and eating fake foods. You end up feeling terrible when you don’t see results.

It’s time for that to change.  Our proven program gives you an easy and manageable place to start your health and fitness transformation. Making incremental changes to your daily habits leads to sustainable results.

No Tricks. No Shortcuts. No Cookie-Cutter Plans. Just proven research.  Just real coaching.  Real people helping you get real results.

This isn’t like any other program you’ve tried before. We’re actual people, here to help you achieve actual results.  The Lorton team is made up of specialists and experts who are committed to understanding you as a person and what you aim to achieve.  Our coaches are moms, husbands, and employees too. They understand how busy life can be and are here to help you balance it all.  We know reaching your health and fitness goals can feel overwhelming so we take care of the prep and planning for you. All you need to do is show up, put in the work, and see results.  We’re here to guide you towards healthy habit changes and to support you 100% of the way!

The Challenge Boot Camp Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 PM

What you get:

  • 42 Day Fat Loss Program
  • 18 in Gym Workouts
  • 2 Fitness Baseline Scores
  • 2 InBody BodyFat Scans
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Accountability Coach
  • Healthy Habits Emails
  • Personal Development Emails
  • Goal Setting Meetings
  • Home Workouts when you can’t make the gym
  • Facebook Community Forum


Our next Boot Camp Begins on June 12


  • I highly recommend this boot camp! Steve Reggio is motivational, knowledgeable, and you will see results!! I just finished the last boot camp! Any intimidation I ever had about CrossFit was squelched. This boot camp is for everyone! The group I was in was a great mix of people of varying abilities and ages!!! Love CrossFit Lorton and the Boot Camp! Great introduction to CrossFit!!! If you’re thinking about joining….Just! Do! It! You won’t regret it!!!
  • Join before it fills up! The one thing I was not doing was working out regularly. I did walking and treadmill but could not drop a pound. After doing the 6 week boot camp I have never felt better in my life!
  • I did 3x week at Lorton and did the homework every day. Well…i got on the scale today, 1st time since before bootcamp. I am a solid 10 lbs less and holding steady. Bootcamp jump started me! I do believe if not for Steve…and Steph…this would have never happened! Forever grateful for all you give! Great place and so inviting!
  • My instructor Stephanie has been phenomenal! Love this place!
  • Joining has made me a better person! CrossFit Lorton is an amazing place!! Steve is by far the best thing that has ever happened to Lorton! If you need a little motivation and/or a kick in the butt… CrossFit Lorton is for you.

6 Week Challenge Boot Camp

$ 250