Tip #4 Find a Support System!

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Every year millions of people set a New Years Resolution to lose weight, many set that same resolution the next year and then next year and the next year…  You know the drill and you may be one of those people.  Its not about simply losing weight, its about feeling more confident in yourself, having more energy, being able to get outside and play with your kids or taking on that 10k or obstacle course race that you have always wanted to do…
We know how to help you break that visious cycle and get yourself on the right track.  We’re going to give you  helpful tips to get yourself on track and get you proud to show off that bathing suit picture from vacation.  You deserve to be the best version of you that you can be…
Tip # 4:  Find a Support System
So you learned in Tip # 3 to Find your Reason WHY!.  Now you need a support system behind you, this support system is going to be your family, friends and the great folks you meet in the gym.
Look a lot of people don’t want to have weight and health issues it’s just that everyone around them- family and friends- has these issues and eating poorly so jut keep doing what they do.  But to break that you must recruit family and friends to help, you just need to learn its Ok to ask them to stop bringing cupcakes and dessert home.  You also need to find the time to prioritize yourself.  This is key for many of our female members, they give so much time to their families they often forget themselves.  you need to set that time for yourself.  When you find the courage to do these two things you’ll see your results skyrocket!
The gym is a great place to find that support and sure you can join a Gold’s or Planet Fitness but they’re not going to teach you what you need to be successful and they sure are not going to support you along the way.  That’s what CrossFit is about, you build a support system, have a coach and a group of friends and people that support you in your efforts to be the best version of you.
Ok, so we just gave you another tip in this series to help you turn this year into the last year that you make the “I’m going to lose weight” resolution.  You deserve to be happy with yourself, proud of how you look and to be the best version of you!  Some of this is really personal and I can’t help you with that but we can help teach you how to do it, give you the support you need and a great place to exercise with really awesome people.

The first step always begins with you. If you’re ready to look, feel, move and live better, we’re here to help.

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