Make 2017 Your Year- Get Off The Fence!!!

January 1, 2017by


Tip #1 Get Off the Fence

As we hit December people all around are starting to think of their New Years Resolutions and millions of them will be “I’m going to lose weight this year!” but most fail, they start and stop programs, join a gym for 2-3 months and then quit while paying off that year contract that “I am going to stick to this year”.  

We know how to help you break that vicious cycle and get yourself on the right track.  I have done it myself so I know what it takes and how to do it.  In the next 5 blog posts we’re going to give you a series of helpful tips to get yourself on track and get you proud to show off that bathing suit picture from vacation.  It’s not about simply losing weight, it’s about feeling more confident in yourself, having more energy, being able to get outside and play with your kids or taking on that 10k or obstacle course race that you have always wanted to do.  That is the reason to do this and when you can do things you couldn’t do before it is an amazing feeling!  You deserve to be the best version of you that you can be for both you and your family…

Tip # 1:  Get off the Fence

If you are always saying “The diet starts Monday, Ok next Monday, alright I’m starting next month” we need to get off that fence and just take action.  Stop procrastinating and waiting and just make that first change.  Pick something and just DO IT!  Nike had it right- Just Do It!  That one thing can be small, as a matter of fact it is better if it is small, iit just needs to be something you can do easily.  Cut back on sugar, add more vegetables to your diet, go for a walk, go to the gym you’re paying for and not using, put down that (3rd) glass of wine.  Think about that one small change you can make this week and just do it!  Not Monday, not next week, not New Years- NOW!

Do something to move that needle just a little bit in your favor.  Too many people are focused on what they can’t do so they do nothing at all, that’s a trap.  You can squeeze in a couple things every day to make yourself a little better no matter how busy you are.  Take the stairs, park a little further away, do a couple push ups or sit ups while playing with the kids, put more veggies on your plate, eat some protein (women especially), do 1-2 things that take a couple minutes and it is way better than the nothing you’re doing now.

Don’t think you have to do it all now, you can’t and you won’t.  You’re not going to be perfect and to be honest I don’t want you to make massive wholesale changes at once, that won’t stick and you’re back where you started and ready for Next Monday which soon becomes Next Year all over again.  So forget about what you can’t do and figure out what you’re capable of in this moment, and build from there.  Start wherever you are, use whatever you have,do whatever you can because doing something is way better than doing nothing.

We just gave you Tip # 1 in this series to help you turn this year into the last year that you make the “I’m going to lose weight” resolution.  You deserve to be happy with yourself, proud of how you look and to be the best version of you! Get off the fence and make that one small change today to start you on your journey.  You clicked and read this so great job you did something today- see how easy that was…

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