Invest in Yourself

December 1, 2016by


Most people think of a gym membership as an expense, something they have to spend money on but don’t get anything really back in return. This way of thinking could not be more wrong. You see the commercials for $10-$30 a month and think that is the way to go because its cheap as opposed to a Coached Boot Camp, Class or CrossFit gym where memberships can run from $125-$175 per month. If you think of the gym, and your health, than $10 seems like the right way to go- but is it really?

The cheap option is just that, cheap and you know you always get what you pay for. You’ll get a big open room with a ton of machines and nothing else. Without knowing what to do you’ll wander around aimlessly for a month or so, see no results and then just stop going. You’ll keep paying that membership because, well its cheap and you’ll go back eventually- but you never do. This is exactly what these gyms want, thousands of people paying for their gym and never showing up, that is their business plan…

If you’re in a little better gym, they may notice that you are failing and what do they do- Sell you personal training! Personal Training can cost anywhere from $40-$70 per hour based on the gym and packages offered. So now, that simple $10-30 per month is now close to $500 per month when you see a trainer 3 times per week. Believe it or not, those Personal Trainers in those gyms job is NOT to get you in shape- it is to sell you more Personal Training. They are vehicles to sell you more training, not get you in shape.

On the flip side you can look at a CrossFit or Boot Camp membership that will range from $125-$175 per month. Comparatively to just a regular membership this seems astronomical, but when you break it down you get so much more. When you come into a CrossFit gym the goal is simply to make you a better, healthier, more fit and confident person. You will work in a class environment led by a trained coach, your class will be full of people just like you. Your coach will guide you through a warm up, a strength routine and then a great interval workout which we all know is better for both health and fat loss. You don’t need to think about anything, just come in look at the board and do what the coach says and BAM- You are on your way to becoming a Rock Star!

In the first 2-3 months of starting CrossFit you will see changes in your body, your posture, confidence and just your ability to take on everything the world throws at you. Its not an expense anymore, its and investment in your health that will pay off more than you ever imagined. Everyday tasks like yardwork, picking up the kids or grandkids and mental tasks like work all become easier. Yeah, you could save a few $$$ but in the long run buying cheap will cost you more, make the best investment you can make. Invest in yourself!

You are worth the money!

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