Thursday WOD

Row 500 or Run 400

Weighted Pul Ups or Negatives 3 x 5

25 Hanging Leg Raise

Front squat   5 X 2
Push Press   3 X 10
Thursday WOD

30 Thusters 95/65

30 AbMat

Run 200

20 Thusters 115/75

40 AbMat

Run 200

10 Thusters 135/95

50 AbMat

Run 200


Festivus Games!
We hosted the Festivus Games this weekend!!!  This turned out to be a phenomenal success, we had over 100 competitors, 16 from this gym and the event (aside from a few website hiccups which we had no control over) ran really smooth.  Credit goes out to all of the athletes, judges and vo
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Festivus Volunteers
Festivus Games is coming up this weekend, we will be closed on Saturday for the competition.  We have a good group of folks competing, these are all new athletes to competition and I know they would love your support so please come on out if you can! We have about 20 volunteers, I co
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