Monday WOD

Row 500 or Run 400


Bar Muscle Up/CtB, Pull Up

25 Rotating Plank

Deadlift   6 x 5 @80%
Hang Power Snatch   EMOM 7 Minutes
Monday WOD

AbMat Sit Ups

KB Swing 24/16



Olympic Lifting Focus
We are starting our month of Olympic Lifting Focus, this will be in addition to the regular strength work we do.  What this means is that on our double strength days you really need to be moving.  It is a lot of work to get in in one hour so lets get in and get warmed up and get going.
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Labor Day
We will be running a Holiday Schedule for Labor Day...  There will be classes at 9 and 10 AM Only. Also remember to get signed up for the Olympic Lifting Seminar with Michael Cohen the price will be going up after the 1st!!! If you are interested in competing in The Festivus
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