Thursday WOD
Back Squat   2 x 4
Press   10RM
Thursday WOD

5 Push Press 155/105

10 Step Up (24/16 KB) 24/20

15 KB Swings 24/16

Rounds in 10 Min


It is now official after the Individual Invites were accepted we have qualified for Regionals finishing 29th out of 330 affiliates in the Mid Atlantic.  This is a huge accomplishment, especially as the number of affiliates and the quality of athlete keeps expanding.  There are affiliate
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New Strength Program
We have been working %'s of 1 RM for a while and I am I feel a lot of people are not making the push to really take full advantage.  So we are going to change up the program a little bit and switch to a 10-5-3 program and I really want people pushing to hit a new PR every time they hit
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