Monday WOD
Deadlift   6 x 5 @80%
Clean Complex   EMOM 7 Minutes
Monday WOD

Thruster 95/65

Chest to Bar


Rounds in 8


Shoulder Taps
If you have been wondering why we have added the Shoulder Taps in, this is a great article on them.  It is from Gymnastics Bodies, he calls them Handstand Wall Runs but they are the same thing.  They are great for builing shoulder girdle strength, which will not only improve you handsta
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Olympic Weightlifting Seminar and Festivus Games
We are hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Michael Cohen on September 20. Michael Cohen is a former US Olympic Team Coach and was Cara Heads Slaughter's Coach when she was on the team. He currently runs Team Savannah which is producing insane National Junior Champion youth lifters inclu
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