Friday WOD

Row 500 or Run 400

Shoulder Taps -

as many as possible per set up to 50

30 KB Russian Twist

Friday WOD

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

EMOM- 7 Min

Pick the # (5,7,10) you can get in under 30 sec, we will be adding to this. Do Pull Ups or Negatives for scaled at 5 Reps

10 Front Rack Lunge 95/65

10 HR Push Ups

Rounds in 6 Min

2 Min Rest

Partner Finish:

100 Wall Ball 20/14

Partner Holds a plank, when drop from Plank switch.


Weekend and Facebook!
Hey, sorry on the delay in getting the WODs posted.  I was gone all weekend and then out pretty much from 8 am- 8:45 pm all day yesterday.  I got yesterday posted for tracking and today is up now... I was out at a seminar this weekend by a group that helps affiliates on the busi
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Olympic Lifting Clinic
On Saturday December 13 we have another chance for Michael Cohen to come in when he is in town with his Elite Level weightlifters for the American Open.  The clinic would run from 2-5 PM and the cost would be $75.   This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best coach
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