Wednesday WOD

Row 500 or Run 400

3 x 5 Weighted Pull Ups or Negatives

50 AbNat

Front squat   1RM
Overhead Squat   1RM
Wednesday WOD

Open WOD 11.6 and 12.5

Thruster 95/65

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

3, 6, 9, 12…

Rounds in 7 Min


Testing Week
10/27-  We are going to be testing out 1 RM's on a bunch of lifts as we head into another strength cycle starting up in November.  This will be programmed out in three week blocks since the holidays fall perfectly in three week intervals. So get ready to test out some 1 RM's thi
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Festivus Games!
We hosted the Festivus Games this weekend!!!  This turned out to be a phenomenal success, we had over 100 competitors, 16 from this gym and the event (aside from a few website hiccups which we had no control over) ran really smooth.  Credit goes out to all of the athletes, judges and vo
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